Situated right at the crossroads of Mount Pearl, St. John’s and Paradise our studio is only minutes away.

About Us
Our simple, yet effective approach is tailored to each individual so that they are not just another number or sale.

We are a kinesiology studio that believes in a teaching first method.  We are not focused on quick fixes, fads or gimmicks. The reality is there are no maintainable quick fixes, in the modern world if there was a way to get in shape super-fast or get rich quick we would all know about it, and anyone that tries to sell that idea is lying to both themselves and their clients.  Hard work and consistency allows for steady and maintainable progress towards your goal, it also ensures that you do not get injured.  This is why we teach our clients first and foremost.   We believe that teaching everyone as much as we can about exercise instead of just saying,"lift this, eat that" is the only real way to get people long-term results and success.  

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Our Teaching Philosophies

These are the most common obstacles we’ve come across through our 10+ years of service and our philosophies on how to combat them.

We try to do way too much – and set ourselves up to fail. A lot of times we try to do too much in the beginning. Going from zero to hero may work for some people, just the same as quitting smoking cold turkey does, but the reality is it doesn’t work for most of us. Going from zero or minimal training to 5 or 6days a week isn’t going work. In the beginning 2 to 3 days per week may be all our body or schedule can handle and need. It is possible to workout less and get more results, if done properly. Then once we master this we can try to step it up a notch.

Motivation is fleeting due to the false promise of faster results. We live in the world of “now”. We want our internet to load now, our high paying jobs, fancy cars, vacations now, and we want our fitness results now.  The cold hard truth is, nothing in the world actually works that way. Even our “overnight success” stories like Facebook still took years to become a success.

We have no accountability and don’t truly commit our time. We are all busy; from the hustle and bustle of our jobs, kids’ activities, social commitments there never seem to be enough hours in the run of the day. The reality is, that’s not going to change, every week you get 168 hours, no more no less, so you need to plan and schedule your week to be successful. Haphazardly saying you will find time to exercise doesn’t work. When left to our own devices how many of us actually find the time to learn guitar or use that treadmill in our basement. Who would have actually found the time to do their school projects if there wasn’t weekly class appointments or monthly deadlines? Very few of us would have. This is why we need to have accountability to our schedule and workouts. We need to know at the beginning of the week when we are going to exercise. Otherwise the end of the week will come around and we won’t have done a single workout and we’ll be left wondering where the time went.

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