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Private Training:
Sessions are scheduled at the convenience of both the trainer and client. Sessions include the trainer’s complete attention so you can learn how to exercise properly and reduce your risk of injury. Everyone is different so our workouts are designed specific to each clients goals, injury & medical history, as well as their body types & genetics.
Semi-Private Training:
SPT is a hybrid of private training and classes. Workouts are still designed specific to each clients goals, injury &medical history, as well as their body types & genetics; however, the trainer can be covering a handful (smaller with Covid-19 restrictions) of clients at the same time. Each client will be doing their own specific routine even if they are scheduled in at the same time as someone else.
Online Training:
Through our online app you will get a specifically designed training plan. Everything will be laid out in these workouts with regards to how many sets, reps, rest and tempo.
You’ll have access to all the exercise videos that you will need for your training plan which will show you exactly how to perform each exercise properly.  This will help to ensure proper form while increasing your results and reducing your risk of injury.
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